DogRacing is the ultimate crypto currency betting platform based on Ethereum Smart Contract

Crowdsale Stage 2: DGR Tokens with 20% Bonus


DogRacing - Crypto currency value index betting DApp


To become the biggest and most accessible cryptocurrency value betting platform with simple-to-use interface, exciting games, and seamless liquidity options


Innovative and industry-standard, user-friendly betting platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors, traders, and anyone looking to put their crypto knowledge and assets to work by betting on their favourite coin.


Revenue is generated from a bankroll pool that collects 5% from every bet placed. This is later paid as dividends to token holders. 10% of all tokens are assigned to a Jackpot pool exclusive to DGR token holders

DogRacing stands at the revolutionary intersection of the growing $50 billion online betting industry and the emerging $300 billion cryptocurrency market. Our groundbreaking platform will enable players to join a race of cryptocurrency index change during selected period of time and place a bet on any coin of their choice. Betting is based on Smart Contracts and all information is written to the blockchain for maximum transparency, accountability, and security.

DogRacing goals

DogRacing will unite cryptocurrency enthusiasts, investors and specialists unto a secure and transparent platform where everyone can bet on their favourite coin and win exciting rewards. Developed by a highly-talented team, we are building the largest and the most popular crypto currency index betting platform.

Smart Contracts​

Smart Contract and Betting interface are going to be available for a public review shortly.

Smart Contracts 100%



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Token sale terms & conditions

Coming soon.

One pager

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2017 Q4


Team starts to work on DogRacing project 

2018 Q1


Website test version is launched


Betting dApp successfully tested on MainNet

2018 Q2


Whitelist registration is open


Main website is available


Smart contract is available for audit


Betting dApp Ropsten test network launch


Betting Main network launch


DogRacing ICO

2018 Q3


JackPot betting is launched


Exchange listing


Additional games are launched


Additional languages available (Russian, Chinese etc)

2018 Q4


Massive player attraction


Airidas Šiaurys

Community Supervisor
Law student, cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor

Eimantas Šiaurys

Marketing specialist
Bachelor in engineering

Marius Skiparis

Project Coordinator
Finance sector, international telecommunications and project management

Aurimas Šimaitis

IT consultant
BSc in software engineering. Co-founder of a smartchargebox. Team Leader of programming team

Aleksandr Neposedov

Successful enterpreneur. Started to invest into cryptocurrencies few years ago

Peiyu Sun

Co-Founder, Expert
MSc in Microelectronics K.U. Leuven in Belgium. Co-founder of an telco lab Beijing and London. Expert in investment and trade

Crowdsale Stage 2: 20% Bonus

As a Stage 1 investor you are entitled to 30% bonus while purchasing DGR tokens.

Crowdsale Contract

MyEtherWallet (or other ETH wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens) will allow to participate directly by transferring ETH to the ICO Smart Contract: 0xd93a993ad55ba35b9d0e170337cf85ea7b735371 Investors are advised not to send ETH from any exchange wallet like Bitfinex, Kraken, Bittrex or Binance. Only wallets that the contributors own the private keys to are accepted.

Crowdsale App

In order to ease purchasing of DGR tokens, we recommend to use our helper application that will enable completely safe interaction with any Web3 provider of your choice such as MetaMask or Mist Browser switched on MainNet.

Minimum amount of transfer is 0,1 ETH; Maximum – not limited. Tokens will be transferred instantly after the purchase.

Our Smart Contract details, code, and transactions can be viewed here:

Welcome aboard to DogRacing – world’s first cryptocurrency value betting platform!